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Steel craft


  • Cooking equipment: Gas and electric cooking equipment such as ranges, grills, griddles, deep fat fryers, braising pans, boiling pans, salamanders, bain maries and heated cabinets.
  • Refrigeration: Reach-in refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated counters, refrigerated salad units and fish display cases.
  • Bakery: Proofing cabinets, deck baking and pizza ovens.
  • Ventilation Systems: Single wall and compensation type exhaust hoods.
  • Handling Systems: Service, platform, ingredient, banquet and laundry trolleys and garbage bins.
  • Self-service lines.
  • Stainless Steel tables, sinks, cupboards and wall shelves.
  • Storage shelving systems.
  • Ironing boards.
  • Grease traps, lint traps and floor gratings.
  • Drying and ventilation cabinets for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Reception and storage tanks/vessels for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Custom design and fabrication of various stainless steel products.